1,900-year-old Roman road found

1,900-year-old Roman road found

Researchers have found a half-mile stretch of one of the first roads the Romans built in Britain. It belonged to the network of roads from Old Sarum, now Salisbury, to Exeter and is surprising for its remarkable height, which reaches 15 feet, not to mention the 85 that it is wide. On its sides we find ditches, which were safely used for draining the road.

The roman road It was found in the middle of the Puddletown forest and although its existence was suspected, it could not be located due to the large number of trees.

The Puddletown Forestry Commission worked together with the expert Peter addison clearing the area, until they could find it. Reforestation is not planned, at least until archaeologists arrive at the site to inspect the new find more in depth.

Image: History Blog

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